19 6 / 2014

I use my cast iron pans a lot. They heat up well, are really easy to maintain (once you know how) and are incredibly multi-use (stove top, oven, campfire, serving).
Having discovered Reinink Family Farm’s organic eggs at the Ottawa Farmer’s Market, it’s almost all I cook in these pans these days, eggs also being as versatile.There is something significantly tastier about farm fresh eggs. They cook up better too, and damn those yolks are just so bright!
I recently found myself a small 8 inch pan at Value Village, which I promptly cleaned and re-seasoned for use. The first meal I cooked in it is on the left. It’s an approximation of a dish served at Wilf and Ada’s in Centretown. Eggs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and served with lots of Parmesan cheese and arugula. I actually liked my version a little better and soon found myself making other eggy topped things in that little pan.
The dish on the right is simply a potato hash with spinach and topped with eggs and lots of fresh herbs. Butter was used aggressively for this one.
I really like that for both of those meals, I was able to cook on the stove, throw the whole thing in the oven and then serve, all in the same pan, without missing a beat. Oh and let’s not forget that these pans last basically FOREVER! So yay, to the cast iron pan! And yay, to farm fresh eggs!

03 6 / 2014

So grateful for the seasons of bounty we experience in Ontario. Weeks of ramps, asparagus, green onions and eggs make for delicious and exceptionally fresh meals.

16 4 / 2014

As I was about to post this, I noticed that my last post was from/ about the last time I happened to visit NYC. This time, less museum, more exploring and way more Brooklyn. It’s been a while Tumblr. It’s been a while.

08 11 / 2013

NYC museum hangs from last week.

21 10 / 2013

Nova Scotia is a glorious place.

08 10 / 2013

Gatineau Park, I cannot get enough of you. You are on fire.

Gatineau Park, I cannot get enough of you. You are on fire.

01 10 / 2013

Hello, October!

Hello, October!

29 9 / 2013

Today I am feeling mighty blessed, grateful and full of bliss.

04 9 / 2013

I am consistently adding to our Cat Wall. I’m pretty happy with it so far. So many local artists and flea market finds.

I am consistently adding to our Cat Wall. I’m pretty happy with it so far. So many local artists and flea market finds.

22 8 / 2013

The last 5 months have brought about so many changes. I had to made some very hard decisions, decisions that I didn’t come to lightly. In the midst of these last few months, I’ve started up at a new job. I am now a flight attendant for a domestic airline. I have a new boyfriend. And I am now living in a new apartment with a new roommate.
I have always tried to look on the bright side of things, and even though a lot of my decisions initially made me sad and angry at times, in order for me to move forward in my life, I had to be a little selfish and just make some things happen that would work to my benefit.
However in the middle of it all, in the busy-ness of it all, I ended up getting a little lazy as well, doing just the bare minimum of what needed to get done. Five months is too long to live by only doing the bare minimum. So back to cooking I go. Back to crafting I go. Back to ensuring a clean and organized home so as not to clutter up my mind.
I have to keep reminding myself that despite the ups and downs I am still encountering, I have it pretty damn good. I am really freaking lucky and I need to keep reminding myself of that.
I still have time on my hands and must ensure I use that time to the best of my abilities, so below is a photo of my initial start-up order of felt-pins for my friend K’s store The Mud Oven! Fingers crossed that they sell! Two more store stock orders to get on to now.